About Solve Crimes

Solve Crimes was created with the concept to not just present compelling true crimes on YouTube, the web and a podcast, but to encourage viewers to actually help solve the crimes!

We never could have imagined just how well this concept would work. Through leads cultivated from audience members and their own investigating, Solve Crimes has presented new suspects to law enforcement, brought unsolved cold cases back into the spotlight or presented unsolved cold cases to the public for the very first time, attracted previously unknown eye-witnesses and made partnerships with law enforcement and victim's family members to solve their cases once and for all.

We appreciate you being here! Please take a look around the web site and be sure to check out the Solve Crimes Podcast and YouTube Channel, and be sure to subscribe to both to get notified of case updates and new episodes.

The Solve Crimes Team

Solve Crimes is absolutely a team effort. The people and businesses below have provided the tools needed to investigate the cases featured on this Web Site, on the Podcast, and the YouTube Channel.

If you have skills to offer and would like to volunteer, fill out our ClueTip form and we'll talk!

Solve Crimes - Rick Tracewell
Rick Tracewell
Host & Producer
Joe Cefalu
Retired Homicide Detective
Jason Scallin
Priority 1
Private Investigation Firm