Carla Walker / February 17, 1970 / fort worth, tx

On February 17, 1974, Carla Walker, a junior at Western Hills High School, was kidnapped while she sat in a car with her boyfriend Rodney McCoy in the Ridglea Bowl parking lot. Carla’s body was found three days later in a culvert near Lake Benbrook in Tarrant County. It was later determined that she had been strangled and injected with Morphine.

In 2019 the Fort Worth Police received a strange and cryptic letter that mentions Carla Walker. There is hope that the letter may lead to a suspect. See the letter in the Crimeline at the bottom of this page.

UPDATE (September 22, 2020): Fort Worth PD has made an arrest in the Carla Walker case! READ STORY

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DATE OF CRIME(S): February 17, 1974
CRIME(S) AGAINST: Abduction, Rape, Murder
AGE: 17
OCCUPATION: High School Junior
AGENCY IN CHARGE: Fort Worth Police(817) 392-4307
CASE NUMBER: #74-A-205

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solve crimes crimeline

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  • Carla Attends School

    Carla Walker 1974 High School Photo

    It was a normal Friday school day at Western Hills High School for junior Carla Walker.

  • Valentines Dance

    Carla Walker and Boyfriend Rodney McCoy at Valentines Dance

    Carla and her boyfriend, senior Rodney McCoy, attend the Valentines Dance at Western Hills High School.

  • Ridglea Bowl

    Ridglea Bowl

    After the dance, Carla and Rodney park in the parking lot of Ridglea Bowl – a popular bowling alley and hangout.

  • Carla Abducted

    Carla Walker and Rodney McCoy

    While Carla and her boyfriend Rodney were kissing in Rodney’s car that was parked in the lot at Ridglea Bowl, a man jerked open the passenger door, beat Rodney over the head with a pistol until he was bleeding profusely and semi-conscious. He then dragged Carla off with him. Her last words to Rodney were, “Go get help!” Then to the perpetrator, “I’ll go with you. Don’t hurt him.”

  • Rodney Goes For Help

    Rodney lost consciousness for an undetermined amount of time. When he came to, he drove straight to Carla’s home to tell her parents. He repeatedly rang the doorbell and banged on the door. When they opened the door, a bloody Rodney screamed, “They’ve got her! They’ve got her!”

  • Carla Found

    Benbrook Lake, Texas

    Carla’s body was found near Benbrook Lake. She had been dumped in a culvert. She had been raped, beaten and strangled. She was tortured for two days. It would be determined later that she had been injected with morphine.

  • Police Receive Letter


    Fort Worth Police announced that they had received a “crudely written” letter regarding Carla’s abduction and murder. Click the image to read the letter.