Sara Matthews Easton

Sara Easton
August 16, 2015

Murder: Two Gun Shots to Head


Yuba City, CA






Husband, Aaron Easton


Yuba City PD/California Department of Justice

Sara Matthews Easton had a birthday dinner in Old Sacramento, CA with her husband on August 15, 2015 – three days shy of her 32nd birthday. At some point in the late evening/early morning hours, she would be shot TWICE in her head at her home in Yuba City, CA...while her three children slept in their rooms. The two bullets entered Sara's head on the left side. Sara was right handed.

Sara's husband Aaron Easton – the chief of police of the next town over in Marysville, CA – claimed that she committed suicide using his service weapon, but even her family cannot get law enforcement authorities to release the official manner of her death – nearly 6 years later.

Considering that Sara's husband was a local chief of police and that he was known to have a relationship with the local district attorney in Sutter County (information points to their possible involvement in a local "swingers" sex club along with Sara and the DA's husband at the time), the Yuba City Police Department requested that the State of California's Department of Justice to step in.

At the time of Sara's death, California's Attorney General overseeing the DOJ and who's office would make the final decision on whether or not to either prosecute Aaron Easton for murder or rule Sara's death a suicide was the current Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris.

Aaron Easton spent the next year and more seeking publicity for "good deeds" he had done in town, even appearing on the Dr. Phil Show which filmed on August 16, 2016 – one year to the day of Sara's death.

Aaron also hosted suicide prevention fundraisers in his deceased wife's name, further selling the story that Sara killed herself. That greatly upset Sara's family considering that no one – not law enforcement, not the coroner nor any individual officially involved with the investigation – has ever formerly stated that Sara's death was a suicide. Only Aaron Easton.

In 2017, Aaron Easton resigned as chief of police in Marysville after being pressured from the DA's office amidst accusations of sexual assault misconduct. He has since left California. He is now remarried to a woman many believe he was having an affair with prior to Sara's demise.

Sara's family wants answers. Why won't the Department of Justice officially close this case and give Sara's family peace? If it is impossible to shoot yourself TWICE in the head, why hasn't Aaron Easton been arrested for Sara's murder? If they have evidence that Sara committed suicide, why won't the DOJ provide that evidence and close the case once and for all? Why the secrecy? Why the stonewalling?

The Matthews family has teamed up exclusively with Solve Crimes to investigate and to help provide them with the answers to those questions once and for all. They are prepared to hear the truth regardless which way the evidence points.


Sara Easton
Sara & Brother Johnny
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Sara Easton
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Sara - Abandonment Issues


  • Sara and Aaron Marry

    Sara and Aaron Marry

    In 1999, a 16-year old Sara marries Aaron Easton in Reno, NV. There’s an unsubstantiated rumor that Aaron’s parents forged Sara’s parent’s signatures on the legal document allowing the underage Sara to get married.

  • Aaron Confesses His Infidelities

    Aaron Confesses His Infidelities

    In 2008, while living in this home, Aaron reportedly confesses to Sara that he has had multiple affairs and casual sex throughout their marriage.

  • Birthday Dinner

    Joe's Crab Shack, Old Sacramento, CA

    Sara and Aaron Easton have an early birthday dinner for Sara at Joe’s Crab Shack in Old Sacramento, CA.

  • Multiple Gun Shots

    Easton House

    In the early morning hours, multiple gun shots were fired at the Easton home in Yuba City, CA where they lived with their three young children.

  • Aaron Calls The Hoppers

    Brian and Amanda Hopper

    Before Sara’s husband Aaron Easton (who was the current Marysville, CA police chief) called 911, he allegedly called his former partner (Yuba County Sheriff) Brian Hopper and his wife Amanda (who was/is the current Sutter County District Attorney), asking them to come over to the house (the Hoppers used to live next door). They refuse.

  • Aaron Calls Officer Garringer

    Jason Garringer

    After calling the Hoppers, Aaron allegedly calls a Marysville police officer in his employ, Jason Garringer. Garringer reportedly went to the Easton home and was there for an undetermined amount of time before 911 was called.

  • Yuba City Police Arrive

    Yuba City Police

    According to reports, Yuba City Police Officers arrive (it is unclear if they were called directly or if 911 was called) and are reportedly told by either Aaron Easton or Jason Garringer that they would need a warrant to enter the home.

  • Police Call Sutter County for Warrant

    Sutter County

    After reportedly being refused entry into the Easton home without a proper warrant, Yuba City Police call the Sutter County District Attorney’s office for a warrant. They are told that the DA’s office was recusing themselves because of the possible conflict of interest pertaining to the relationship between DA Amanda Hopper and Marysville police chief Aaron Easton.

  • Police Call Yuba County for Warrant

    Yuba County

    After striking out with Sutter County, Yuba City Police call neighboring Yuba County to request the DA to give them a warrant to enter the Easton home. The Yuba County DA’s office also has to recuse themselves because Sutter County DA Amanda Hopper’s father Steve Jones works in their office.

  • Police Call Colusa County for Warrant

    Colusa County

    Yuba City Police are forced to call a third DA. They call Colusa County DA John Poyner who authorizes the needed warrants to enter the Easton home.

  • Sara Passes

    Rideout Hospital

    Sara was taken to Rideout Memorial Hospital (now Rideout Regional Medical Center) in neighboring Marysville. She was pronounced dead at 5:14am.

  • California Department of Justice Takes Over

    CA Department of Justice

    With so much local conflict of interest and the fact that the police chief from the neighboring town was involved, Yuba City PD wisely calls in the state DOJ which is the lead on this case – even in 2021. They arrived on the scene the same morning of Sara’s death and spent 12-14 hours inside the Easton home.