Hakari Engagement Ring

Judy’s Parents Notified

Rick Tracewell

A homicide detective knocked on the Hakari family home. Judy’s dad opened the door. The detective put his hand out and when Mr. Hakari looked down, he saw Judy’s engagement ring. After the detective informed him of the circumstances and that Judy was dead. He simply said, “Thank you.” and went back into the house and closed the door behind him.

Second YouTube Episode Released

Rick Tracewell

Solve Crimes with Rick & Gavin release the second episode in the Hakari series to YouTube. Click VIDEOS at the top of the page to watch or find us on YouTube and subscribe, like and click the bell for alerts on new episodes.

Carol Beth Hilburn

Carol Beth Hilburn Murdered

Rick Tracewell

22 year old nurse’s assistant Carol Beth Hilburn is found nude and beaten beyond recognition in a field in Rio Linda, just outside Sacramento. Her throat had been cut. Carol was estranged from her husband and living in a Santa Rosa area apartment with her sister. She had previously lived in Sacramento and was in town visiting friends. As with Judy and Nancy Bennallack, no suspects have ever been named.

Nancy Bennallack

Nancy Bennallack Murdered

Rick Tracewell

27 year old court reporter Nancy Bennallack was stabbed to death in her upstairs apartment after 11:30pm in the Polynesian Apartment complex off Arden Way in Sacramento…barely one block away from the Markston Apartment complex where Judy was taken. Like Judy, she was also engaged to be married. The striking similarities in this case has linked Nancy’s murder to Judy’s for the past 50 years.

Los Angeles Times Article

Los Angeles Times Article Published

Rick Tracewell

The Los Angeles Times Newspaper publishes a small Associated Press article about Judy’s case. Click image to view article.

Donna Ann Lass

Donna Ann Lass Missing

Rick Tracewell

Donna Lass, a 25 year old nurse is reported missing in the South Lake Tahoe city of Stateline, NV. The similarity of Lass (thin build, brunette, mid-20s and a NURSE) to the Judith Ann Hakari case isn’t missed and investigators quickly make a connection with the two cases. Donna Lass has not been seen since and no body has been recovered. Click image to view.

Sacramento Bee Announces Secret Witness

Rick Tracewell

The Sacramento Bee Newspaper announces an anonymous crime tip line they call “Secret Witness”. They guarantee total anonymity and a $2,500 reward for each case that the tipster provides information leading to the conviction of the killer. The Bee claims that the Judith Ann Hakari case was one of the cases that inspired the program.

First Anniversary Published

Parents Publish First Anniversary “In Memory”

Rick Tracewell

Judy’s parents publish an “In Memory” in The Sacramento Bee on the first anniversary of Judy’s disappearance. They include “Her fiendish assassin still walks the earth a free man.” Click image to view article.

Solve Crimes Podcast

Second Episode of Podcast Released

Rick Tracewell

Solve Crimes with Rick & Gavin releases second podcast episode featuring the Hakari case. Click PODCAST at the top of the page to listen or find us where you listen to podcasts.